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Tampa Bay Sports Cars has built an outstanding relationship with PCarMarket and now is offering a soup to nuts auction management service. We host the auctions on our account which allows privacy for our clients. The number one reason I am so excited about PCarMarket is their results. Online auction markets allow the client to have thousands of potential buyers from around the world review their cars. We believe we have come up with a streamline process that includes customer privacy, vehicle understanding & showcasing which has yielded high premiums in a challenging market. If you are considering selling your car or perhaps buying a car give us a call or submit your vehicle information below and I will personally contact you to discuss your needs.

Here are the A to G steps to complete the PCarMarket Online Auction process.



Establish a consignment agreement. This entails a meeting with the client to discuss the vehicle and to establish an agreed upon market value, and for the client to become comfortable with the auction process.


21 – Point Inspection:

We have all consignment cars evaluated, and a 21-Point Inspection performed at German Tech. German Tech and Tampa Bay Sports Cars will discuss any maintenance that may be needed. Once the vehicle inspection is complete the immediate needs are discussed with the client & then addressed.


High-End Vehicle Detail:

A high-level detailing of the vehicle is performed in preparation of its photoshoot. We utilize the services of Colorworks Performance.


Professional Photoshoot:

To maximize the interest of an online buyer it is crucial to have several detailed high-resolution photos and videos available. Our Professional Photoshoots are performed by Florida Visual Marketing. The photoshoot lasts around four to five hours and produces approximately 150+ photos & videos – test drive, walk-around and cold start videos. Any spare parts, wheels, keys etc. will need to be suppled before the photo shoot as they will also be photographed.


Information Collection:

The client will need to supply us with a detailed description of the history of the car. This includes maintenance records, history report, and any pertinent background information that would be useful.


Ready To List!

Tampa Bay Sports Cars negotiates with PCarMarket directly to establish a reserve that meets the client’s expectations, and gives the car the best chance of selling.


Sale Finalization & Transportation:

The sale of your vehicle is finalized through Tampa Bay Sports Cars documentation and dealers license while the consignor remains anonymous. We work with the buyers transportation, and assist in the cars safe departure from our showroom.

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